[e] Political Economy 101

Payback & Forgiveness (Week 3)


This post is part of an online course about political and economic behaviour in a world characterised by contradictions and a deluge of #mixedsignals. This is how it works:

  • Watch/listen to the music videos in the post,
  • Pick ONE of the reading recommendations,
  • Reflect on the links between the post’s topic, the videos, and your chosen reading.

Do you forgive and forget in life? How about in politics? Should you, instead, live and vote to avenge past injustices?


Goodbye, Russ.

Shake It Out, Florence + the Machine.

Payback, Juicy J, Kevin Gates, Future & Sage the Gemini.

Payback, Vo Williams.

Amen, Leonard Cohen.

Dear Agony, Breaking Benjamin (Aurora Version) ft. Lacey Sturm.

Recommended Readings

  • Hinton, A. L. (1998). A head for an eye: Revenge in the Cambodian genocide. American Ethnologist, 25(3), 352–377. Link.
  • Rosenbaum, T. (2013) Payback: The case for revenge. University of Chicago Press. Link.
  • Derrida, J. (2001) On cosmopolitanism and forgiveness. Routledge. Link.
  • Worthington Jr, E. & Wade, N. (Eds). (2019). Handbook of Forgiveness. Link.

Cover photo by Alison Courtney on Unsplash.

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