Empirics State regulators

My job at the LSE, in a nutshell

My position at the LSE is part of a collaboration between the LSE’s Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (CARR) and the United Kingdom’s Food Standards Agency (FSA). I undertake research projects to support the FSA’s goals and, in the process, increase my academic understanding of how regulatory organisations do what they do.

More specifically, I contribute to the FSA’s ability to tackle wicked problems: issues so complex and dependent on so many factors that it is hard to grasp what exactly the problem is, or how to tackle it [… and that,] like a tangled mess of thread – it’s difficult to know which to pull first.1

My approach to wicked problems is simple. I address them, quite literally, as if they were a tangled mess of thread, pulling threads until one gives and, then, working my way from there. In other words, I reduce the level of abstraction surrounding a given policy problem, which is a step into realisable policy solutions.

A summary of some of my projects coming soon in separate posts…

  1. de Almeida Kumlien & Coughlan, 2018.