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Is the market democratising access to hydrogen technologies?

This article deserves a read: Costa Rica soon to unveil its first hydrogen-powered bus.

The article summarises an announcement by Ad Astra Rocket, a Costa Rican company, about the unveiling of the first hydrogen-powered bus in Costa Rica.

Two fast considerations are noteworthy.

  • Participating in the development of hydrogen technologies is typically thought of as requiring BIG money.
  • Costa Rica is tiny.

The two considerations show that the cost of engaging with hydrogen technologies has lowered sufficiently as for relatively small actors to be able to tinker with it.

Do mind the word ‘relatively’. Ad Astra Rocket is associated with Franklin Chang Diaz, who used to be an astronaut for NASA and is currently one of the most well-known Costa Rican scientists. So, I would not describe it as a proper-small company.

Still, the matter makes you wonder, is access to the hydrogen technologies market starting to democratise purely as result of market dynamics?