[e] Political Economy 101

Greed & Poverty (Week 2)


This post is part of an online course about political and economic behaviour in a world characterised by contradictions and a deluge of #mixedsignals. This is how it works:

  • Watch/listen to the music videos in the post,
  • Pick ONE of the reading recommendations,
  • Reflect on the links between the post’s topic, the videos, and your chosen reading.

Is life in a modern capitalist society best described as a struggle for survival, pursuit of excess, or something in between?


Living For The City, Stevie Wonder.
Billionaire (ft. Bruno Mars), Travie McCoy.
Work B**ch, Britney Spears.
Ima Robot, Greenback Boogie.

Recommended Readings

  • Eckard Jr, E. W. (1980) The Free Market Incentive: Self Interest vs Greed. Business Economics, 15(4), 32-35. Link.
  • Ravallion, M. (2015) The economics of poverty: History, measurement, and policy. Oxford University Press. Link.
  • Wang, L., & Murnighan, J. K. (2011) On greed. Academy of Management Annals, 5(1), 279-316. Link.
  • Weber, M. (2003) The Protestant ethic and the” spirit” of capitalism. Dover Publications. Link.

Cover photo by Travis Essinger on Unsplash.

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