About me (detailed)

I like to keep things simple and informal – as authentic as possible, but details can matter upon circumstance. Below a complete overview of who I am as a researcher.

CV Highlights

— PhD Political Economy, King’s College London. Completed.
— MA Environment Politics & Globalisation (1st Class), King’s College London. 2012.
— BA. International Relations (cum laude), Tallinn University of Technology. 2010.

Research Projects

My energy research has emerged organically rather than in a planned PhD-like fashion (I like to think this shows that I can adapt to different modes of scholarly work). In general terms, however, research centres on the energy entrepreneurship / energy security nexus. As follows:

  • Research question: Are there best practices for entrepreneurial action amidst uncertainty in the field of energy?
  • Theory: Energy entrepreneurs are bound to be challenged by the uncertainty associated with society’s desire for energy security.
  • Variables: availability, accessibility, adaptability, acceptability, and affordability (4A+A).
  • Hypotheses: vary.

Results & Implications (thus far)

Well, I’m not going to give that away here, am I? Specific details either published or forthcoming at some point.