About me (detailed)

I like to keep things simple and informal – as authentic as possible, but details can matter upon circumstance. So, here’s a more detailed insight into who I am as a researcher.

I recently finished my PhD in Political Economy in the Department of Political Economy at King’s College London, where I was supervised by the one and only Christel Koop and the also-extraordinaire Scott James (best supervisory duo in history!).

In general terms, I study how political organisations – organisations that face political challenges and are political actors – go about making or influencing public life given often-uncertain trade-offs between political and economic demands.

More specifically, I am currently building a body of empirical work into key types of political organisations: firms involved in the provision of public/common goods, certifications, and state regulators. The goal is to use this empirical effort as the basis of a broader comparative analysis of how political organisations go about tackling challenges that involve complex political/economic trade-offs and much (radical) uncertainty.

CV Highlights

— PhD Political Economy, King’s College London. Dec. 2019.
— MA Environment Politics & Globalisation (1st Class), King’s College London. 2012.
— BA. International Relations (cum laude), Tallinn University of Technology. 2010.