[e] Political Economy 101

Equality & Discrimination (Week 5)


This post is part of an online course about political and economic behaviour in a world characterised by contradictions and a deluge of #mixedsignals. This is how it works:

  • Watch/listen to the music videos in the post,
  • Pick ONE of the reading recommendations,
  • Reflect on the links between the post’s topic, the videos, and your chosen reading.

Sometimes it seems like the world is driven by various forms of discrimination such as racism or xenophobia? Could equality ever become the norm rather than the exception?


Alright. Kendrick Lamar.

Animal Style, Murs.

Beautiful. Christina Aguilera.

Power of Equality. Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Dear Brother. Nahko And Medicine For The People.

Recommended Readings

  • Becker, G. S. (2010). The Economics of Discrimination. University of Chicago Press. Link.
  • Kleinberg, J. Ludwig, J., Mullainathan, S., Sunstein, C R. (2018) Discrimination in the Age of Algorithms, Journal of Legal Analysis, 10, 113–174. Link.
  • Fiske, S. T. (2000). Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination at the seam between the centuries: Evolution, culture, mind, and brain. European Journal of Social Psychology, 30(3), 299-322. Link.
  • Lebron, C. J. (2017). The making of black lives matter: A brief history of an idea. Oxford University Press. Link.

Cover photo by Matteo Paganelli on Unsplash.

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