Entry costs + renewables

I think this article deserves a read:

Costa Rica soon to unveil its first hydrogen-powered bus, by Macro Sibaja on the Costa Rican newspaper ‘The Tico Times’.

Originally by the AFP, the article summarises the announcement by Ad Astra Rocket (a company associated with a Costa Rican scientist who used to be an astronaut for NASA) that they would be unveiling the first hydrogen-powered bus in the country.

I want to make two fast considerations.

  • Hydrogen is big nowadays. Companies like BMW have R&D departments trying to master hydrogen technologies.
  • Costa Rica is tiny.

I think the notes are worthwhile because they highlight that the cost of engaging with hydrogen technologies has lowered sufficiently as for relatively small players to have a fighting chance.

Do mind the word ‘relatively’. Ad Astra Rocket is associated with Franklin Chang Diaz, who used to be an astronaut for NASA and is currently the most well-known Costa Rican scientist.

It is not as if I could take my lunch money and research hydrogen technologies (or could I?).