The nuances of the word ‘complexity’

One of the most popular ways to explain the difference between risk and uncertainty is the example of the coin: Imagine you flip a coin 100 times. If the coin was perfectly balanced the final tally would read: 50x head, 50x tails. However, since coins are not perfect, in real life you’re more likely to…

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Egyptians & Uncertainty

The concept of uncertainty runs deep in the fabric of human activity. So deep that the concept can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. In fact, considering that one of the first industries where the concept of modern risk was perfected was the insurance of ships, it is almost poetic that the Egyptian hieroglyphic used…

A poem about uncertainty

! There she was; I waited life. There she went; I never dared. She was uncertainty. We doubt. Happiness, if you and her. Sadness, you never dared. Joy and sorrow at once… the bloody cat! “Risk”, you say? Good luck in life my dear friend! *.*