Being cool

It seems unrelated to energy, you read this article entitled If Eating is “Cool” then Farming must be “Cool” too.

It is about agriculture. It notes that the perception of farmers is not precisely ‘cool’: “most youths’ perception of agriculture and agribusiness reflects the image of a dirty, exhausted poor farmer carrying a rusty hoe on puffy, tired shoulders somewhere on the outskirts of modernity”. The article then argues that if young people enjoy #foodporn, the process that leads to it can also be cool.

The article is definitely on to something. Search Instagram or Twitter and you’ll find that in-house small-scale farming is becoming somewhat cool.

Also, it occurred to me that a similar thing is happening in energy. Don’t take my word for it. Below some examples:

Anyway… Good to see that people in the energy business know how to keep it cool!