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Although it would initially seem as totally unrelated to energy, you have to read this article entitled If Eating is “Cool” then Farming must be “Cool” too by Willfred Iyamuremye on the World Bank blog.

The article is actually about agriculture. It starts by noting that the perception of farmers is not precisely ‘cool’. In his words “most youths’ perception of agriculture and agribusiness reflects the image of a dirty, exhausted poor farmer carrying a rusty hoe on puffy, tired shoulders somewhere on the outskirts of modernity”. He then moves to argue that if young people nowadays enjoy eating food [and hey #foodporn is one of the trendiest hashtags on Instagram], the process that leads to it can also be cool.

I got to give it to this guy, he’s definitely on to something. Do a search on either Instagram or Twitter and you’ll find that in-house small-scale farming (of ‘chilis’ and whatnot) is becoming somewhat cool. But hey, this is not a blog about agriculture so that’s as much as I will say about it.

But it turns out, this is also happening in energy. Here are a few examples…

A self-sufficient house that will make you feel like you live in a movie AND will charge your super cool electric car? ZEB Pilot House.

A solar powered remote control plane because why not! How to build your own solar-powered plane.

Heaven’s sake, you can drink Vodka produced with solar energy! Visit a vodka distillery… in paradise.

If you own your own farm and happen to have a river in it, check out this rather awesome micro-hydro project! Man powers his home from local stream with DIY micro-hydro plant.

But since we don’t all live on a farm, here’s a selection of hyper-cool electric motorcycles! The 7 Best Electric Motorcycles to Buy Now.


Just be cool!