Life & Opinion

A brief personal background

I promised myself I would never blog about my life, but coronavirus’ stay-at-home situation is somewhat boring. So, here we go. Maybe I’ll stop after coronavirus is over. Maybe I won’t.

I figured why not start with a small insight into who I am. Tinder-style, i.e., only the good stuff.

This is me drinking glühwein

X-mas is the BEST!

I cook like G-d!

Pictures speak louder than words – here’s the proof:

Expert cooking skills!

I believe in political correctness, but freedom of speech is more important

Therefore, I do not care if comparing my cooking skill’s to G-d’s offends you. You’re going to heaven anyway, so might as well chill up a bit!

I dance, sometimes awesomely, often terribly

Got no pictures to show, sorry!

I’m sometimes inventive

Here’s a picture of a Wi-Fi antenna I may or may not have used during my undergrad.

It’s not about the looks!

I’m originally from Costa Rica but have not been there much lately

I left Costa Rica almost 15 years ago when I went to do my bachelors. Been to Costa Rica here and there, but have mostly lived in the UK since.

Why the UK?

I’ll give you three guesses but you’re only going to need one… Yup! I found someone to love, marry, and be [very] mischievous. 😉

She’s the coolest person ever.

Say what? Picture!?

Go Finland!

I still don’t understand what marriage is all about. Then again, does anyone?