I study how organisations tackle complex policy challenges.

The larger scholarly objective is to one day compare how many types of organisations tackle different types of complex policy problems. Meanwhile, all my projects deal with salient challenges in the energy and food sectors, so I can help you understand and improve policy in these sectors.1

I worked in workforce management for a large multinational company before my graduate studies, where I became familiar with data-driven thinking and real-time analytics. I am increasingly applying this knowledge in my policy work and contributions.

On occasion, I also ramble about the theory(ish) of risk and uncertainty, due to its importance in understanding complex problems.

Latest Content

  • Picture of a plan

[e] Pol. Econ. 101

An online course about political and economic behaviour in a world full of #mixedsignals. Based on music videos.

Click here for the full ‘intro’ and all episodes/weeks!

  1. Not to say that I recommend creating new/more policies. I am a minimalist in all aspects of life. The less you need to perform a task, the better you are at it. I aim to maximise what policy actors can do without the need for (or when unable to create) new laws.
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